Why This Reward Was Created

Millions of families have been plagued by Juvenile Diabetes for almost 100 years. Our founder is a parent that has raised a son with type one diabetes. Over these past 25 years, his family has supported other diabetes non-profit organizations. However one of the disappointing outcomes of supporting these, (even with all their good intentions and with collecting billions of dollars in donations) is that there is no information about a cure for the near or far future.

Why Is There No Cure Now?

  • Every year, more devices are invented by drug companies like continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps to manage the disease. They claim that this makes living with the disease easier and makes things better for those suffering with T1D. The truth is that nothing really makes it better. Children suffering from this illness suffer for the entire span of their lives. Their risk of developing heart disease, eye diseases, and needing transplants of various kinds is much higher than that of someone who doesn’t live with type one diabetes.
  • Every day, they and their families use these devices, medications, and testing equipment to manage their disease. This becomes billions of dollars in the pockets of drug companies and makers of medical equipment. As of now, there is no cure for Juvenile Diabetes (T1D) on the horizon. Drug companies will never find the cure for diabetes because it would deny them those revenue dollars. Until there is a cure, a child with T1D will use and pay for these devices into adulthood and throughout the rest of their likely shorter lifespans.
  • Instead, the cure will be found by medical researchers studying at learning institutions and hospitals. Throughout history, young passionate researchers have made great strides in science and medicine. Many Nobel prize winners in this category achieved the honor before they turned thirty-five. In fact, Frederick G. Banting discovered insulin in 1923 when he was only thirty-two. That was 96 years ago and it’s still the way type one diabetes is treated today.

Why a Reward to Cure Type 1 Diabetes?

Medical researchers dedicated to find the (T1D) cure don’t make a lot of money. That’s where the reward comes in. Our organization is building a sizable reward creating extra motivation and incentive for researchers to devote their careers toward finding the cure. We’re tired of waiting. Now is not the time for more disease management. Now is the time for a cure.
If the reward is built up high enough, not even drug companies will be able to say they stand to make more money by not finding a cure. With your help, our organization can make this, and the cure, a reality.

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