Our Mission

Juvenile Diabetes Reward for a Cure aims solely to build a prize that will motivate medical researchers to focus their time on finding a cure for type one diabetes.

Nonprofit Organization Juvenile Diabetes

One-Time Donation

Unlike other type one diabetes research organizations, we won’t ask you for donations year after year. You won’t get mailings and phone calls pestering you all the time for another donation and making a desperate plea for your support. Your donations go into the reward fund that Juvenile Diabetes Reward for a Cure is building. The larger the prize, the more researchers and institutions will spend in search for the cure.

We do make the plea for you to tell your family, friends and co-workers about our mission. We want medical researchers to find the cure. Your donations help make that a reality!

Why is there still no cure?

Diabetes treatment is offered by only a handful of pharmaceutical companies. They earn 50 billion dollars each year on people staying sick and using their insulin, pumps, blood testing equipment and syringes. This “big money” has no intention of finding a cure nor providing their profits towards others to find a cure.

Nonprofit Organization Juvenile Diabetes

Our Founder’s Story

Imagine having to stick your child with a needle over a thousand times in a year. Imagine that you had to worry every time your child left the house that for no reason, he could enter a low sugar hypoglycemia syndrome and die. This was life for my family while my son was growing up. It is still our fear today as he lives with the disease as an adult. From the time we got the diagnosis of type one diabetes our lives became a horror of rigorous and strict routine. A person with diabetes lives with it every single second of every minute of every hour, day, week, month, and year of their life. For a child, this is confusing and often terrifying. Type one diabetes took over our lives more with every day. For the type one diabetic, this never ends.
We learned to cope with the disease through the help and support of other families inflicted with diabetes We were provided with educational literature and meetings by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Out of necessity, diabetes routine became the new abnormal- normal. For people who don’t live with type one diabetes in their family, they don’t see that it is a chronic and menacing invisible illness. No matter what routine we settled into, we could not manage the high and low sugars my son still suffered. No matter what the doctors and professionals told us, we came to the conclusion that Type 1 diabetes is a threatening disease that cannot be totally controlled.
Twenty-five years later, my son still lives with type one diabetes. He is a candidate for heart disease, eye disease, circulation problems and many other health issues that can be caused by this disease. His life expectancy could be shorter and every day he has to constantly manage the disease. My wife and I live in fear for him all the time.

Your Donation Helps make that a reality!

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